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Revel Scout Light -Standard Package – Includes One Battery and One Charger

This tactical LED scene light is designed to increase the safety of both firefighters and emergency responders. With versatile mounting options – set, hang, strap, spike – and a removable, rechargeable battery, the Revel Scout revolutionizes the operational ease of fire scene lighting. The Revel Scout combines a spot and flood light pattern of 14,000 lumens in a 12 lb. package, and the LED tactical scene light can be used to evenly light both entire exterior and scenes and interior spaces.


Fast, Flexible Deployment
Compact, lightweight and portable, the Revel Scout’s flexibility will provide you with more options than most LED scene lights to help you accomplish various tasks. The Revel Scout’s design allows for multiple placement options – set on a flat surface, hung over a door, strapped to a ladder or hung on any number of vertical surfaces with its integrated spike.

Light Where You Need It
Powered by a 28V removable, rechargeable battery, the Revel Scout is all you need to light both your exterior scene and interior work area. Easy to move or position, the Revel Scout’s combination of flood and spot light optics increases your overall scene visibility when lighting exterior areas such as vehicles, structures, parking lots and overhead hazards.  Continue work inside for overhaul and other tasks.

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Optional truck mounting bracket, storage case, and battery charger accessories
  • Integrated strap included to secure to horizontal object, ladder rung, etc.
  • On/off toggle switch to turn light on and off and adjust to 4 light levels
  • Corrosion-free construction
  • Zero deployment time
  • Battery type: 28V LI-ION, Weight: 3 lbs (1.4 kg). Charge time: 1 hour
  • Warranty: Light assembly: 6 Year, Battery and charger: 1 Year


  • Exterior scene illumination for fire ground attack
  • Interior overhaul after fire extinguishment
  • Fire service and scene investigation
  • Vehicle accidents and EMS calls


  • Firefighting – Structural
  • Law Enforcement
  • Mining
  • Rescue – EMS
  • Rescue – Urban Search & Rescue
  • Rescue – Vehicle Extrication
  • Specialty Vehicles

Light Performance

High Medium Low Spot

Light Output


14,000 8,000 2,000 6,000

Average Run Time


1.2 3 7 3.5

Product Configurations



ELRE-SCOUT-1B-DC Standard package with 12/24V charger
ELRE-SCOUT-1B-120 Standard package with 120V charger
ELRE-SCOUT-1B-240 Standard package with 240V charger and European Plug


Style    ELRE-SCOUT-1B

Country of Manufacture    United States

Weight    12 lbs (5.4 kg)

Type    Scene Light

Brand    Revel Scout

Length    13.25″ (337 mm)

Width    11.5″ (292 mm)

Height    11″ (279 mm)

Volts    Standard package with 12/24V DC charger or 120V AC charger or 240V AC charger and European plug

IP Rating    IP66

Light Output    14,000 lumens (high), 8,000 lumens, (medium), 2,000 lumens (low), 6,000 lumens (spot)

Run Time    high – 1.2 hrs, medium – 3 hrs, low – 7 hrs, spot – 3.5 hrs


Akron Brass

Akron Brass

Additional information

Weight 8.00000000 lbs
Revel Scout Light Configuration



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