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The PAC TRAC Family of products are designed to provide a unique and versatile mounting surface for PAC brackets. PAC TRAC boards are extruded from 6063-T5 aluminum and available in standard lengths of 50″, 70″ and 120″.

  • Once panels are installed, PAC brackets can be installed without drilling holes. Brackets can be relocated and reoriented easily.
  • Brackets are attached to PAC TRAC with proprietary PAC TRACLOK inserts, PAC channel nuts, or standard Unistrut channel nuts. (see Fasteners)
  • PAC TRAC sections can be assembled together to create custom tool board panels in equipment compartments. PAC TRAC products PAC TRAC P/N 7000, PAC DUAL TRAC P/N 7020 and MINI DUAL TRAC can be combined in various combinations to accommodate the specific mounting space available.
  • Tool board construction and mounting hardware is available.



  • PAC DUAL TRAC has all the features of the original PAC TRAC but adds a Unistrut style center channel compatible with Unistrut channel nuts P/N A4006 as well as PAC Channel Nuts P/N 3023 and P/N 3024.
  • Combine multiple pieces to create tool boards with Dual Trac Z Mount P/N 7001D.
  • Dimensions: 5.75″ (146MM) x .875″ (22.2MM)
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs. (.816 kg) per linear foot.
  • Standard lengths:
  •         P/N 7020-50 (50″)
  •         P/N 7020-70 (70″)
  •         P/N 7020-120 (120″)


Performace Advantage Company

Performace Advantage Company

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